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Save the Bees

Save the Bees

I’m proud to stand with “Before It’s Too Late”, a movement merging creativity and activism to raise awareness of the climate crisis.

Today, my creativity highlights the alarming decline of the bee population. Due to the combined effects of climate change, pesticides, and habitat loss, these vital pollinators face an uncertain future. This is not just my creative representation; it’s an urgent appeal to address the factors causing this decline, ensuring the survival of bees and the crucial role they play in our ecosystems.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Take action now and join the movement: www.bitl.world

Let your creativity be your protest.


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creative protest announcement

I’m creatively protesting for Life on Earth

I’ve signed up to join “Before It’s Too Late”, a movement merging creativity and activism to raise awareness of the climate crisis.
It’s a fun, creative and positive way to spread the word about important issues.
you can check it out and join in at www.bitl.world

Free Range Not Factory Hell!

A banner I made for the Llanidloes XR Group for a protest outside the Powys County Council offices calling for an end to granting more Intensive Poultry Unit developments and river pollution.

Upcoming Live AV Gigs, Suzybee & Steevio:

Confirmed dates so far;


Feb 4th – The Pickle Factory, London

Feb 10th – The White Hotel, Manchester

April 29th – Queens Yard Summer Party, London

June 7th-12th – Waking Life, Portugal

June 23rd-25th – River Sound Solstice, Lithuania

July 8th – London (TBA)

Aug 10th-13th – Houghton Festival, Norfolk

Aug 31st – Sept 4th – Dimensions Festival, Croatia

September – Germany Tour (TBA)

October – Manchester (TBA)

October 14th – The Imaginarium- Lick The Lid, Leeds

Happiness & Peace

I just love this cartoon from the TreeEE website! Always makes me smile 🙂

I recommend the book, “Mindfulness: Finding Peace in a Frantic World” by Mark Williams and Danny Penman. It explains the mind and meditation in a brilliant way.

I’m currently reading “Kith”, a book about childhood by the amazing Jay Griffiths.

Jay also wrote “Pip Pip” and “Wild”: both incredible and enlightening books.

I would recommend everyone to watch this incredible and inspiring talk by Jill Boyte called “My Stroke of Insight” on TED talks.