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Free Range Not Factory Hell!

A banner I made for the Llanidloes XR Group for a protest outside the Powys County Council offices calling for an end to granting more Intensive Poultry Unit developments and river pollution.

Upcoming Live AV Gigs, Suzybee & Steevio:

Confirmed dates so far;


Feb 4th – The Pickle Factory, London

Feb 10th – The White Hotel, Manchester

April 29th – Queens Yard Summer Party, London

June 7th-12th – Waking Life, Portugal

June 23rd-25th – River Sound Solstice, Lithuania

July 8th – London (TBA)

Aug 10th-13th – Houghton Festival, Norfolk

Aug 31st – Sept 4th – Dimensions Festival, Croatia

September – Germany Tour (TBA)

October – Manchester (TBA)

October 14th – The Imaginarium- Lick The Lid, Leeds

Happiness & Peace

I just love this cartoon from the TreeEE website! Always makes me smile 🙂

I recommend the book, “Mindfulness: Finding Peace in a Frantic World” by Mark Williams and Danny Penman. It explains the mind and meditation in a brilliant way.

I’m currently reading “Kith”, a book about childhood by the amazing Jay Griffiths.

Jay also wrote “Pip Pip” and “Wild”: both incredible and enlightening books.

I would recommend everyone to watch this incredible and inspiring talk by Jill Boyte called “My Stroke of Insight” on TED talks.