Welcome, Croeso!

I’m Suzybee, a painter and audio-visual animator, based in the beautiful hills of Mid-Wales. I create mixed media paintings and perform my hand-drawn animations live using VJ software, alongside my partner, electronic musician, Steevio. Together we run the Mindtours Record Label and Freerotation Electronic Audio-visual Festival.

eco art:

a contemporary form of environmental art created by artists who are concerned about local and global environmental situations. It is a growing movement that focuses on an eco-friendly methodology with an emphasis on environmental issues. (words taken from a number of Google search results).

In response to the climate and ecological crisis, I have joined the organically growing movement of eco-artists by using my skills and aptitudes to contribute to compassionate creative activism and visual expression of related themes:

My creative work is intended to convey a respect for Nature and all Beings, a vision of a green and compassionate future, personal and collective reflection, and the magic of the present moment.

I am adapting my creative practice to be as environmentally friendly as I can by researching and adopting more environmentally friendly methods and media.

I mainly use eco-friendly clay paints, handmade papers and potato starch glue as well as computer software to create my art. We are powered by Ecotricity and use ethical banking through the Co-operative Bank and Triodos Bank.

Through donations from sales we make, we support the charity, “Size of Wales” who are working to protect an area of tropical forest twice the size of Wales. We are vegan and also support “Compassion In World Farming” as well as other charitable causes.

You can buy cards from my shop page and there’s information and a price guide at the bottom of the portraits page. I have an Etsy shop called SuzybeeEcoArt where you can buy my art prints and cards.

If you’d like to contact me about a possible commission or anything else, you can click on the email button below to send me a message.
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